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340/85R36 PETLAS TA110 132A8/129B TL

(Code: 340/85R-36 TA110 Petlas)
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340/85R36 PETLAS TA110 132A8/129B TLThe Petlas TA-110 is a durable rear axle tyre for agriculture application representing a proven performance and long tyre life. The reinforced and robust cord body provides superior durability. It has long life due to its special rubber compound on the tyre surface which easily absorbs impacts and it resists piercing and wear of the tyre. The advanced design of The Petlas TA-110 tyre has the ability to provide a soft ride on rough terrain. It easily moves forward on all kinds of soil grounds without getting stuck due to its wide base that does not hold soil and mud.The inclined shoulder blocks with knife like action provide high grippage ability and traction power. The Petlas TA-110's Special heel construction provides resistance rotation on the rim and the heel wear.